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Consciously successful with information field technology

The unique combination of theory and practice on a topic that is still largely unknown to the public makes this book a breathtaking standard work that should not be missing in any modern company.

What do quantum physics and information fields have to do with the success of companies? If you only shrug your shoulders at this question, then you should simply read on. Because you will learn that everything that exists is stored as information in so-called information fields and that we are in constant exchange with them. That we can view the information fields as a kind of central "cloud" and that changes in them have a direct effect on us. And that today it is possible to read, analyze and change (balance) these information fields with the help of quantum physical technologies. How we can strategically use these findings for companies and why it makes sense to regularly balance the information fields of companies is the subject of this book.

The authors Christiane Brand, Robert Noriam Diehl and Carsten Müller have been working for many years on alternative healing methods far away from the medical mainstream. Based on their research in the field of information field balancing, they have come to the astonishing conclusion that companies, professions and businesses are a reflection of ourselves and that our consciousness is solely responsible for their reality. Companies therefore also have body, mind and soul that can be read, analyzed and balanced with the help of information field technologies.

The following topics are among others dealt with:

- What does quantum physics have to do with success?
- Effect and function of information fields
- Factors influencing the success of a company
- Practical work with the »TimeWaver®« technology
- Practical work on your personal and business success
- Practical work with your surrounding and buildings

-Practical application examples


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